SGA Mission and Core Values

SGA’s core values are paramount in defining our organization’s culture, shaping its actions, and fostering trust and credibility with clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Performance Leadership

  • Constant focus on continuous improvement
  • Understand performance in real time
  • Embrace new ideas – internal & external

Commitment to Excellence & Innovation

  • Commit to achieve excellence every day in all we do
  • Contribute to a culture that encourages all employees to confidently share ideas and opinions freely in the pursuit of continuous improvement
  • Prioritize the development of internal talent
  • Strive to be thought leaders and innovators

Client Centric

  • Prepare with care and creativity for client interactions
  • Look to continuously improve the client experience
  • Always act with integrity and transparency
  • Uphold our fiduciary responsibility to clients
  • Ensure we are a trusted and reliable partner for our clients

Employee Fulfillment

  • Employees are empowered to do their job and expect to be accountable for actions, behaviors and outcomes
  • Promote trust, teamwork, and communication to ensure all needs are met
  • Collaboration across departments promotes knowledge sharing and efficiencies
  • Develop and mentor staff, lead by example
  • Take advantage of learning and development and volunteer opportunities to support career/personal growth

Integrity & Mutual Respect

  • Integrity and Transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation of great teamwork
  • All SGA stakeholders deserve and appreciate respect
  • When there is a difference of opinion:
    • remember all stakeholders are smart and talented; and
    • be open to persuasion and the possibility of being wrong
  • Contribute to an atmosphere of gratitude, optimism and positive energy


SGA actively fosters its core values by an initiative aimed at spotlighting employees who embody these principles. Every employee is encouraged to nominate their coworkers who demonstrate a core value by showcasing recent workplace instances. Those employees who receive the highest number of nominations are acknowledged firm-wide.

SGA’S MISSION IS To create value for clients through continuous innovation, depth of research, a disciplined investment process, and strong client relationships.