The Firm

Deep international experience across quantitative and fundamental asset management

Strategic Global Advisors, LLC (SGA) is a Newport Beach, California-based women and employee-owned institutional asset management firm founded in 2005. Our focus on global equity investing employs a methodology that seamlessly integrates both quantitative and fundamental company analysis into one disciplined investment program. We believe that a bottom-up, quantitative investment process can deliver consistent outperformance by identifying mispriced companies within each industry through the analysis of a diverse set of fundamental factors while our fundamental overlay allows the experienced hand of our portfolio management team to identify issues unlikely to be captured by hard data.


SGA’s defining features and sustainable competitive advantage comes from the way in which we combine fundamentally based, quantitative tools with a fundamental review to integrate unbiased consistency with an accounting for aspects of a company that cannot readily be modeled. Subsequently, valuable insights from the fundamental review are addressed in the quantitative process creating a valuable feedback loop.


The pillars of this approach are:

  • A stock selection (alpha) model built on the principle of Occam’s razor that prioritizes simplicity and avoids factor creep, overfitting and dilution of signals.
  • Factor research and monitoring supported by academic roots and human experience.
  • A willingness to allow fundamental analysis to augment and inform our quantitative models.
  • A focused team environment that provides immediate accountability and stability.


The expected outcomes of this approach are:

  • More concentrated portfolios than quantitative only managers with a more consistent flow of new ideas than fundamental only managers.
  • A core investment style, free of style or factor tilts and likely to produce more consistent benchmark relative outperformance than peers.