Professor Michael Brennan, PhD

Board Member

Dr. Brennan is the former Irwin and Goldyne Hearsh Professor of Banking and Finance at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Professor of Finance at the London Business School. He is currently Emeritus Professor at UCLA and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester. He was educated at Oxford, Pittsburgh and MIT. Dr. Brennan’s research interests include asset pricing, corporate finance, the pricing and role of derivative securities, market microstructure, and the role of information in capital markets, and he has published extensively in all of these areas. He is currently working on several issues, including institutional investing and asset markets, liquidity and asset pricing, and forecasting equity returns. In 2002 he presented the first Clarendon Lectures in Finance at the University of Oxford.

A former President of the American Finance Association, the Society for Financial Studies, and the Western Finance Association, Dr. Brennan has also served as Editor of the Journal of Finance and was the Founding Editor of the Review of Financial Studies. He has received numerous prizes for his research including the INQUIRE Europe Prize and the Graham and Dodd Award of Excellence. A Fellow of the American Finance Association and a former director of the National Bureau of Economic Research, he has received honorary degrees from the Universities of Lancaster and London, B.I., Norway, St Gallen, the University of Zurich and the Copenhagen Business School, and has consulted extensively for government and business in Canada and the US.