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SGA Internship Program

SGA Internship Program (“SIP”) began in 2006, the summer after the firm was founded. Throughout the years SIP has developed into a more formal program filled with bright and driven individuals with an interest in the investment management industry.

SGA values diversity in the workforce, which leads our recruitment process to seek diversity of thought, experience, background, and beliefs. We are focused on creating opportunities for individuals from a variety of different backgrounds, providing exposure and opportunity to under-represented segments of our population, and bringing more diversity to our firm.

At SGA, we believe education is the heart of change. We encourage interns to participate in conferences, webinars, and SGA’s Speaker Series, making SIP a great way for interns to further develop their knowledge of the industry.

Internship experience can vary depending on what is in demand for the firm and the intern’s own interest. SIP participants have supported departments such as: Operations, Marketing, Compliance, Fundamental Research, and Quantitative Research.

Internship terms vary depending on availability and demand, typically ranging between eight and ten weeks. Intern’s may receive an offer for full-time employment, and to date SGA has hired two former interns: Quantitative Analysts Quang Ngu and Xiyuan Dong.


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Meet our recent Interns

The Associates Program

The Associates Program (“TAP”) was created as an opportunity for recent graduates to gather exposure within the asset management industry. TAP is a 12-month rotational program experience that teaches all functional areas of our business with formal rotations in Marketing, Compliance, Operations, and Investments.

At SGA, we are convinced investing in our own employees is of vital importance. Associates will have access to a network of professionals with years of industry experience along with a variety of resources and outside opportunities for their own personal development.

We believe this is a tremendous opportunity for individuals with a keen interest in the industry and exposes participants to live scenarios that occur within our day-to-day tasks. In this program our associates are positioned to develop a working knowledge of our firm, our products & services, and the industry all together.


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Meet our Associates

Daniel Juan

"My experience as a Junior Associate has exposed me to new areas of the industry that I was not aware of. During my time at SGA, I have collaborated with the Marketing and Operations team where my knowledge and understanding of the firm has expanded, along with gaining more insight of the industry as a whole. I am thankful to have the opportunity to contribute to a firm with a great work environment and a mission that resonates with me."

Lelia Kennedy

“I am delighted to have started in my new role as a Junior Associate at SGA. My time as an intern made me confident that I have a lot to contribute as well as a lot to learn. I am currently working with the Marketing and Client Services team where I've had the opportunity to receive great training and apply what I've learned into daily tasks. In addition, I have been exposed to the incredible company culture and the core values that are immersed in teamwork for client success.”